Global Network for Advanced Management

Networked Inquiry & Surveys

The Global Network leverages the collective brainpower of its member schools in a variety of ways. With networked inquiry, scholars draw on a powerful knowledge base by surveying members of the community on topics important to global business.

Network-wide surveys

The Global Network mines the business acumen and experience of its member schools by commissioning surveys whose results inform business education and serve as applicable research.

Global Network Survey: Women in the Global Workforce

To understand what continues to hold women back in their professional lives, and why they are hindered more in some areas more than others, three political scientists from Yale University—Frances Rosenbluth, Gareth Nellis, and Michael Weaver—surveyed students and alumni from 28 schools in the Global Network. The results highlight some of the factors that hinder the careers of women in the workforce and recommends approaches to address the problems.

Global Network Survey: Rising Leaders on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

A survey of students in the Global Network found widespread consensus that business must lead on solutions to climate change and sustainability to attract and retain talent. This global study of more than 3,700 students at 29 top business schools was conducted by Yale University in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Global Network for Advanced Management.