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The Global Network for Advanced Management is a powerful platform created by 32 of the world's leading business schools.

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Networked education is here. The Global Network is a flexible, efficient platform for business schools to collaborate on a range of programs that draw upon resources, expertise, and relationships across continents.

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Networked Education is here.

Networked learning is here. Our innovative programs leverage resources from business schools across continents, positioning future leaders to thrive in roles requiring broad understanding of the differences between markets and diverse stakeholders.

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Networked inquiry is here. We empower our students, staff, and faculty to connect around big issues to conduct research, make inquiries, and take collective action, generating insights into trends that will affect organizations in the future.

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ESMT's Global Solutions Summer School Unites Top Graduates and Professors, Includes Exclusive Summit

The event, open to students in the Global Network, is co-hosted by ESMT Berlin and feature speakers like Angela Merkel. Read More

Students to Travel to Five Continents for Global Network Week

This year, more than 750 students from 18 Global Network schools are participating in #GNW2018. Read More

INCAE Team Wins Global Network Security Analysis Prize

The team competed against three others from Fudan University and NUS Business School for the prize. Read More

Security Analysis Prize Finalists Announced

Two teams from Fudan, one from NUS Business School, and another from INCAE will compete in the Global Network Investment Competition on March 1. Read More