Global Network for Advanced Management

Three Schools Launch New Global Network Case Study

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
University of Ghana Business School

The University of Ghana Business School hosted an event on July 18 to mark the launch of a new “raw” online case study on IBM’s Corporate Service Corps. The case was developed in conjunction with IBM Corporate Services, EGADE Business School, and the Yale School of Management. 

At the event, faculty, students, and staff discussed the new case, which examines IBM’s work in Ghana and Mexico, and is available to the network’s 29 member schools. The case was first unveiled at the Global Network’s Fifth Anniversary event in April, where a panel of speakers discussed the case and its potential applications.

The raw case format simulates real-world problem solving by asking students to sift through extensive data and decide what is relevant. It allows students and faculty to taking a multidimensional approach in investigating a business problem, and leaves room for a variety of solutions that can be tailored to fit local, regional, and global contexts. 

At the event, Professor Joshua Yindenaba Abor, Dean of University of Ghana Business School, said that approach “actively engages students to develop their skills in problem solving and equip them with analytical skills to make decisions in complex situations.” 

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