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A Student's Perspective on EMBA Global Network Week

Monday, July 31, 2017
Asian Institute of Management

Global Network Week provides students with a cultural immersive experience beyond the classroom, but also presents strong opportunities for building partnerships with others from around the world in a short time. 

Caio Lima, of IE Business School, wrote about his experience at the Asian Institute of Management’s week, titled “Strategy Setting for ASEAN 2016 and Beyond,” for AIM’s “Life at AIM” site. Lima was traveling as part of the second annual Global Network Week for EMBA students, which provides on-the-ground lessons for working executives. Lima discusses his own background on working internationally, while also reflecting on the experience of studying in the Philippines for a week. “Regarding my classes in Manila, I was lucky enough to have the best of Philippines. Amazing professors such as Federico Macaranas and Jamil Paolo, plus brilliant and friendly students,” he wrote. 

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