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Global Network Week Report: Seoul National University

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
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Location: Seoul, South Korea

Topic: Doing Business in Korea

Company Visits: Hyundai, LG Display, Samsung 

Coursework: Lectures explored the changing economy on the Korean peninsula, the Korean auto and entertainment industries, and human resource management in Korea. 

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"The insights I learned during classes from the professors at SNU as well as the people I met during this very fruitful week are priceless.  Attending the SNU as part of my MBA program was not only a valuable experience from the educational perspective, but what is more important, I made long-lasting friendships with very diverse and smart people. The Korean culture is very similar to the Turkish culture, which is why I did not feel like a foreigner, but more like a friend."

— Cem Kaya, MBA candidate at Koç University, on Global Network Week at SNU

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