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HKUST MBA Programs

March 14-18, 2016

City: Hong Kong, China

Topic & Description:

Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise in Greater China (see sample program from March 2015)

This course will offer an overview, Keys to the Middle Kingdom - Doing Business in Hong Kong/China, and a comprehensive, inside-out, understanding of the ecosystem and environment in Hong Kong/Greater China for entrepreneurship and social enterprise. Students will interact with HKUST faculty and industry practitioners, including local entrepreneurs, in lively discussions and will visit several incubators/accelerators and social enterprises.

 Major highlights:

·        Keys to the Middle Kingdom - Doing Business in Hong Kong/China

·        Face-to-face dialogues with Entrepreneurs

·        Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing in Hong Kong, China and Globally

·        Company visits, panel discussions, networking

Lead Faculty: Prof. Po Chi Wu, School of Business and Management and the School of Engineering. HKUST

Course Manager: Etta Wong, Head of Student Dev., HKUST MBA Programs