Big Data Analytics

"For every leader in the company, not just for me, there are decisions that can be made by analysis. These are the best kinds of decisions. They're fact-based decisions."--- Amazon's Chairman, Jeff Bezos

Businesses, governments, and individuals create massive collections of data as a byproduct of their activities. Increasingly, decision-makers rely on intelligent technology to analyze data to improve decision-making. In many cases, automating the decision-making processes is required because of the sheer volume of data and the speed with which new data are generated.

The course will explain with real-world examples the uses and some details of various data analytics techniques. The emphasis is place on understanding both the methods and their business applications. We will delve into the mechanics of how the methods work when necessary. You will establish analytical thinking to the problems and understand that the proper application of analytics is as much an art as it is a science.

After the completion of this course, the students are expected to achieve the following objectives.
1.Approach business problems data-analytically (intelligently). Think carefully & systematically about whether & how data can improve business performance. Be able to envision Big Data opportunities.
2.Know the basics of Big Data processes, techniques, & systems well enough to interact with data scientists, business analysts, marketers, and clients.
3.Gain hands-on experience in using Python to implement Big Data projects.

Course Date & Time

Tuesdays 19:00-22:30 (GMT+8), class on Apr 16 (Tue) change to Apr 12 (Fri)