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October Global Network Week for MBA Students

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October 16 – 20, 2017

Global Network Week – October 16 – 20, 2017


Asian Institute of Management (Manila, Philippines) “Sustainable Enterprises and Tourism”

EGADE Business School (Santa Fe, Mexico) “Strategic Innovation and Management in Emerging Markets – Latin America”

ESMT (Berlin, Germany) “Germany 4.0: ‘Mittelstand’ and Entrepreneurship”

FGV-EAESP (São Paulo, Brazil) “Challenges of a Big Market for a Big Country”

Fudan University School of Management (Shanghai, China) “Business Breakthrough in China’s Economic New Normal: The Evolving Chinese Business Culture in an Ever-changing Global Context”

IE Business School (Madrid, Spain) “Europe at a Crossroads: Complications, Implications, and the Way Forward”

INCAE (Alajuela, Costa Rica) “Doing Business in Latin America: The Competitiveness and Sustainability Challenge

Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey) “From Local to Global: Concepts, Frameworks and Analytical Tools to Develop an Effective Global Strategy”

Lagos Business School (Lagos, Nigeria) “Selling Strategies for Consumer Markets: Perspectives from Africa’s Largest Economy

National University of Singapore Business School (Singapore) “Contemporary Global Developments and Business in Asia”

Pontificia Universidad Católica (Santiago, Chile) “Business Models in Latin America

UCD Smurfit (Dublin, Ireland)

Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Economics (Jakarta, Indonesia) “Service Excellence in the Indonesian Tourism and Health Industries”

Yale SOM (New Haven, Connecticut, USA) “Behavioral Science of Mangement” (see schedule from March 2017)

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