Power and Influence

A crucial mistake MBAs make in their first jobs out of business school is that they believe that their new job titles confer power – that the people they work with will comply with their wishes and requests because “I am the boss and I told them to.”

Regretfully, in the real world, this is not the case.  In the real world, the best way to have power – to get people to do want you want – is to make them want to.

How to influence others – to get them to comply with your wishes and requests – is at the heart of the study of persuasion.  For 100 years social scientists have collected real world and experimental data on what techniques and strategies can be effectively used to influence others tendency to comply with request. 

Through the use of cases, class discussion, group exercises and research articles, students will develop a solid understanding what influence tactics, techniques and strategies exist and how to apply them to their professional lives.