Global Network for Advanced Management

Global Network Week March 2013

Participating Schools 

  • IE Business School
  • Renmin University of China
  • Koç University
  • Yale School of Management



The program in São Paulo, Brazil, hosted by FGV, is entitled "Marketing for Low Income in Latin America" and will focus on the dynamics of consumer markets in Brazil, as well as other emerging markets, and evolving strategies to target increasingly important low income communities.

The program in Beijing, China, hosted by Renmin, is entitled "Entrepreneurial Practices in the Emerging Market: A Focus on China’s Cultures, Economic Environment and Business Models" and will look at how China's unusual institutional, cultural, and market characteristics are shaping the evolution of innovative Chinese ventures.

The program in Istanbul, Turkey, hosted by Koç, is entitled "Economic crisis: Lessons to be learned from the Turkish economy’s re-emergence after an economic collapse in 2001" and will examine the causes and consequences of Turkey's financial crisis a decade ago.  It explores how firms coped with the crisis, and assesses lessons learned from the country's recovery that should could shape current policy and business decisions in the US and Western Europe.

The program in Madrid, Spain, hosted by IE Business School, is entitled "Europe at a Crossroads: Coping with the Crisis, Completing Monetary Union, and Deriving Implications for the World" and will provide an inside look at the current European debt crisis from one of the worst affected countries, Spain, and explore what is next for Europe and the global economy.

The program we will host at Yale SOM is entitled, “From Madison Avenue to Wall Street – Everything You Need to Know About Behavioral Economics,” and will cover such topics as behavioral economics, behavioral finance, consumer behavior, negotiations, and complex managerial challenges fraught with the bounded rationality of human behavior.

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